Meet Red!

Brian has recently been working with Virgin 1’s newest superstar Red!  Red appears between the shows on Virgin 1’s recently re-branded TV channel.  In the idents he can be seen out and about around London and found on Facebook and Twitter! Brian and Mak Wilson have spent some very close times with Red over the last few weeks and will …

Brian Herring Showreel

All footage used with kind permission, copyrights revert to original owners. Thanks to all the other performers who appear on this reel.


In 2008 Brian became the only performer from the original ‘Spitting Image’ series to jump into the digital realm for ITV’s new weekly satirical series ‘Headcases’.

He provided movement data for a variety of characters including Russell Brand, Andy Murry, George W. Bush and the dancing French President Sarkozy.

What's Your News?

What’s Your News TT Animations’  first television project, conceived by Chris Dicker and written by Jocelyn Stevenson is currently running on Nick Jr in the UK as well as around the world. Brian plays Anthony the Anteater who thinks he’s an ant and Peek the worker ant.  This show was the first of it’s kind, using a combination of motion …