Digital Performance

With the coming of CGI Brian had the opportunity to join the cast of TT Animation’s What’s Your News?  a news show for pre-schoolers where THEY make the news.  Conceived by Chris Dicker and written and produced by Jocelyn Stevenson it was shot at Shepperton Studios entirely virtually!

Brian provided both the physical and vocal performances for Anthony, an anteater who thinks he’s an ant.

He also plays Peek.  A worker ant of few words with hidden talents.

Using a motion capture system, What’s Your News?  was the first use of mo-cap, live performance sound and simultaneous digital puppetry.  With the aid of virtual reality goggles the performers could see their digital ‘suit characters’ in real time allowing them to perform and take eyelines exactly as they would with a normal video monitor and conventional puppet.  This ground-breaking show is currently showing on Nick Jr in the UK and around the world.

Following on directly from What’s Your News? Brian became principal male performer for  ITV’s new weekly satirical show Headcases. Brian provided movement for a variety of character including Piers Morgan, Russell Brand, David Cameron and the sleazy dance moves of French President Sarkozi!

From these projects a relationship was formed between Brian and Centroid a Motion Capture company based at Pinewood Studios.  Throughout 2008 Brian worked with Centroid developing new ways of using Mo-Cap as well as expanding their own data library.

Some of this work can be seen on Brian’s show reel.

Brian is continuing to develope virtual puppetry as he feels it is vital to keep performers at the center of character performances.