Moz the Monster comes home for Christmas…


In October Brian, working alongside fellow puppeteers Derek Arnold and Tom Wilton and alongside Millennium FX brought Moz the Monster to life for the John Lewis Christmas commercial.

Often considered the most prestigious advertising  campaign of the year, the John Lewis Christmas ad is seen by many as the first sign that Christmas has finally arrived.

Millenium FX built a full size suit for Moz with Derek and Tom working side by side, while Brian performed the head tilts, eye lines and also Physically-Directed the two performers inside.  Digital work was realised by The Mill the whole campaign was Directed by French auteur Michel Gondry.

With music by Elbow, a cover of The Golden Slumbers, Moz the Monster might just find himself as the Christmas No1!

To see the ad click HERE.

To see the ‘Making of’ click HERE.


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