3… Is the magic number!

11402554_10153309501334002_9001029959170402122_oIn April 2015 Brian was part of the three man team who brought 3 Mobie’s new ‘spokes person’ Jackson to life.  Working with Andy Heath and Dave Chapman, Brian travelled to South Africa where they shot five commercials in 10 days!

During his  adventures Jackson was suspended over a cliff on the bonnet of a car, met a live boa constrictor, saw burning golf carts, battling karate students, detectives defusing bombs and tumbling cheerleaders  Not to mention the somewhat colourful nightlife in downtown Johannesburg a two in the morning!


Jackson’s adventures premier on 5th of June and can be seen throughout the rest of 2015.

To see the first commercial click HERE.

To see the ‘making of’ click HERE.

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